The Member Lounge Podcast: Unlocking Association Success

Sponsorship & Member Engagement Mastery: What's Shaping the Future w Amanda Kaiser, Bruce Rosenthal & Farhad Khan

Episode Summary

In a riveting discussion hosted by Farhad Khan, Amanda Kaiser and Bruce Rosenthal unraveled the complexities of member engagement and corporate sponsorship programs within associations. This synthesis encapsulates the wealth of insights shared during this enlightening conversation

Episode Notes

1. Crafting a Winning Member Engagement Strategy:

2. Corporate Sponsorship Unveiled:

3. Unraveling Member and Sponsor Objectives:

4. Navigating the Technology Landscape:

5. Elevating Conference Sponsorships:

6. Evolution in Continuous Engagement:

About our panel members:

Amanda Kaiser is a sought-after member engagement strategist. She is the Keynote Speaker & Engagement Strategist at Kaiser Insights LLC and the author of “Elevating Engagement: Uncommon Strategies for Creating a Thriving Member Community”. 

Bruce Rosenthal is the Founder & Convener at Partnership Professionals Network. Bruce is a corporate partnership and sponsorship guru with more than two decades of experience as a strategic advisor, consultant and education for trade and professional associations. 

About our host:

Farhad Khan is a thought leader in membership websites and digital strategies for associations. He is the CEO & Membership Strategist at Grype Digital. He has helped numerous associations automate member engagement and retention over his career of 12+ years.


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